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Castro Valley


Castro Valley is located in the Bay Area of California. Nestled in a quiet valley surrounded by tree covered rolling hills, Castro Valley residents, businesses, and visitors enjoy a rural atmosphere at the hub of California's cultural, economical and recreational heartland.

Castro Valley boasts such natural amenities as an extensively developed park system, swimming lagoon, 315 acre lake, and a beautiful 18 hole golf course.

As many as 30 or 40 Ohlone native villages once surrounded the area. In 1797 Missionaries arrived and in 1838, Don Castro of the Mexican military acquired Rancho San Lorenzo. The Castro Valley area was part of this ranch. In 1864, Castro lost the land to gambling and other debts. By 1852, the Castro Valley area became populated by 49er settlers. By 1920, Castro Valley was a full blown town with roughly 370 families living off chicken farming.

Public Schools

* Information courtesy of the Castro Valley Chamber of Commerce.