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San Lorenzo


San Lorenzo was part of a large Spanish land grant prior to the United States' takeover of California in 1848. San Lorenzo was mostly farmland from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century. Many of the original inhabitants have been laid to rest in Pioneer Cemetery, including Moses Wicks, who brought oysters to San Leandro Bay (by boat around the cape) from Patchogue, Long Island.

In 1944, David Bohannon's Greenwood Company began construction of San Lorenzo Village, a tract of two- and three-bedroom homes for workers in the East Bay's war industries, complete with a shopping center. Home construction continued into the 1950s, to satisfy the region's booming need for suburban housing. San Lorenzo was one of the nation's first entirely planned communities and David Bohannon's pioneering of pre-cutting techniques, referred to as the "California method," allowed for use in later developments, such as the more famous Levittown, Pennsylvania.

Notable Locations

Parks in San Lorenzo

  • Arroyo Swim Center
  • Del Rey Park
  • McConaghy Park
  • Mervin Morris Park
  • San Lorenzo Park

Public Education

San Lorenzo is served by the San Lorenzo Unified School District, which has the distinction of being the oldest in the State of California, established in 1865. San Lorenzo Unified School District has created several small high schools within current high School locations to better serve its student population.

Elementary Schools

  • Bay Elementary
  • Colonial Acres Elementary
  • Corvallis Elementary
  • Dayton Elementary
  • Del Rey Elementary
  • Grant Elementary
  • Hesperian Elementary
  • Hillside Elementary
  • Lorenzo Manor Elementary

Middle Schools

  • Bohannon Middle School
  • Edendale Middle School
  • Washington Manor Middle School

High Schools

  • Arroyo High School
  • Futures Academy
  • Tech-Links Academy
  • Health and Medicine Academy
  • Arts Academy
  • San Lorenzo High School
  • Bay Area Digital Arts
  • Royal Sunset High School (continuation)
  • East Bay Arts